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Summer Winter
Boys: Boys:
Light blue shirt with half sleeves( vest should always be worn under the shirt) Navy blue blazer (Single breast) compulsory
Grey short (not more than 2 inches above the knees for primary classes) Light blue shirt(full sleeves)
Grey trousers for classes VI onwards. School tie and belt
Black leather shoes with laces, medium or broad toe Jersey as per the approved pattern
School belt & tie Grey socks with two blue stripes
Grey socks with two strips of light blue colour Black leather shoes with laces
Navy blue turban/patka with black fifty for Sikh boys Grey turban/patka with black fifty for Sikh boys
Girls: Girls:
Light blue shirt (As per approved pattern, to be worn with the skirt) Navy blue Blazer (Single breast)
Grey pleated divider skirt (as per the approved pattern) Light blue shirt
Black leather shoes (laces of straps) Grey skirts
Grey Socks with two strips or light blue colour Pullover as per the approved pattern
School belt, light blue ribbons Grey stockings
  School belt, tie & blue ribbon
  Black leather shoes (laces or straps)

Quantity Required:

Sr. No Name of Items Qty
1 Gray Trouser 2 Nos.
2 White Trouser 2 Nos.
3 Blue Shirt (Half) 2 Nos.
4 Blue Shirt (Full) 2 Nos.
5 White Shirt (Half) 2 Nos.
6 White Shirt (Full) 2 Nos.
7 School Belt 1 Nos.
8 School Tie 1 Nos.
9 House Coloured T-Shirt 1 Nos.
10 Shocks (Gray) 2 Pair.
11 Shocks (White) 2 Pair.
12 Blazer 1 Nos.
13 Jersey 2 Nos.
14 Skirt- Divider (White) 2 Nos.
15 Skirt – Divider (Grey) 2 Nos.
16 Stocking (for girls) White 1 Nos.
17 Stocking (for girls) Grey 1 Nos.