Shri Jai Prakash Gaur Ji

Founder Chairman, Jaypee Group

On the path of progress, education is the medium that can allow our country to not only conserve its culture but also ignites the minds of our young countrymen and empowering them to be at par with the citizens of other developed countries. Science & Technology in the 21st Century will unleash a revaluation of progress that is beyond our imagination today and which will transcend the limits of planet Earth to enable human beings to begin their tryst with the infinite universe We are determined to provide quality education to our students through the most modern educational institutions to make them financially empowered while shaping them into self reliant and confident citizens of modern India.
These institutions would strive to inculcate discipline and character building along with serious pursuit of knowledge, utilizing the most advanced teaching practices and high moral standards, so that our teachers and students can stride forward and see the transformation of their country into an advanced nation within their lifetime.

Mrs Neena Chaturvedi

Principal JVM University Campus Anupshahr

Jaypee Vidya Mandir, Anoopshahr, University campus is an excellent centre of ultra modern education and skill development, situated at a very prime location on the bank of holy river Ganga, at Anoopshahr Dist. Bulandshahr also known as “Choti Kashi”. Our vision is not just to inject bookish knowledge to the students but to inculcate in them wisdom compassion ,discipline, integrity and humanitarian sprit. We pledge to make learning a pleasant experience rather than a dull monotonous exercise and to empower students to become independent thinkers, problem solvers and enthusiastic learners ready to face the chalanges of the 21st century and above all to become responsible citizens. Our mission is to sharpen the intellectual ocumen of our students and make them conscientious , sensible smart and confident citizens of india by providing them opportunities for their all round personality development.


“The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth”

                                          -John F. Kennedy


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